Skein [Skeyn] A succession or series of similar or interrelated things.

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Stephen Hooper + James Martin


At Skein, we have a respectful and authentic approach to design and communication underpinned by ongoing research into materials, prototyping, and advanced manufacturing. Our objective is to be involved in projects that are culturally significant, inclusive, and educational, and working alongside valued clients, we aim to deliver considered and intriguing project outcomes.

We are an inter-disciplinary design practice based in Adelaide, South Australia led by Architects Steve Hooper and James Martin. Our backgrounds prior to establishing Skein gives our clients confidence in knowing that we have a solid foundation of education and experience to draw from. Steve is trained in technical, creative and conceptual skills of Visual Arts and James a qualified Carpenter and Joiner and our formal training in these complimentary industries has significantly shaped the direction of our architectural practice.

Since 2015 we have developed strong working relationships with nationally recognised clients and institutions and formed solid networks with contractors and fabricators, which has contributed to our success and led to a diverse project portfolio. Our work to date includes public art and interpretation, urban design, architecture, furniture pieces, exhibition design and installation work, and commercial and residential architecture. Each of our design and project outcomes is unique, yet timeless, responding directly and with depth, to each brief. We involve industry professionals, tradespeople and fabricators early on in each project to inform and enrich each project’s development. By doing this, we can confidently investigate possibilities and deliver bespoke design responses without looking to conventional solutions.

Skein currently operates within a strong local design community but understands its position in relation to national and international practices that share similar values in terms of design quality, research, and recognition of craftsmanship. Skein is committed to maximising the capability of each client, project team, and fabrication teams to deliver unique projects. Skein’s current and past project partners includes the Art Gallery of South Australia, TARNANTHI Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Ernabella Arts Incorporated, Adelaide Central School of Art, Musée d’Orsay, Adelaide City Council, Getty Images, Ernabella Arts, AnanguKu Arts, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Australian War Memorial, BHP, and Adelaide Casino.



Skein have delivered unique residential projects such as Stealth House and Sun Room and are currently developing designs and documentation for our Dairy House and Starboard House projects. We work with private clients to create tailored briefs and produce detailed drawing packages that assist our clients in navigating the complexities involved in undertaking a new home or extension project. At a minimum for each project we produce a detailed brief (in collaboration with the you, the client), concept design, 3d visualisations, architectural documentation, architectural specification, and material and finishes selections.

Cultural Institutions

Skein has worked extensively with a range of cultural institutions and not for profit arts organisations to provide individual and unique exhibition spaces. Engaging with and learning from experts in a variety of arts related fields is critical in helping to shape all aspects of an exhibition and the administrative services that support them, from ticketing requirements through to archival best practice. The peak bodies and stakeholders we have had the pleasure of collaborating with on recent exhibition design includes; the Art Gallery of South Australia, Ku Arts, Ernabella Arts Incorporated, Carriage Works (Sydney), the Adelaide Central School of Art, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide City Council, Artlab, AnanguKu Arts, Ernabella Arts Centre and the Australian War Memorial.


We have delivered commercial projects including SCDx Sculptural Courtyard space, Art Gallery of South Australia Elder Wing - Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia Gallery Store, Tell Henry coffee shop Gilbert Street, Station Lane at Adelaide Casino, and the Karatta Wines Robe tasting room, with a number of exciting commercial projects in development, including Nova Vita Wines Cellar Door.

We’re open to any scale of project and all types of project briefs, so if you’d like to work with Skein, please get in touch via email or phone.


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