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Skein’s exhibition design and installation work has been installed and enjoyed across Australia. We foster an integrated design approach utilising a broad range of display techniques and fixed and temporary installation methodologies to realise each project. We enthusiastically enjoy working in the exhibition design field because it straddles a variety of realms, including immersive experiential spaces and cultural installations.

Working alongside talented curators and artists we have a deep respect and appreciation for museum display techniques and at all times look to provide an encompassing vision for the display of works of art and exhibition of culturally sensitive materials. With each brief, careful consideration is given to crafting bespoke solutions for all aspects of an exhibition or installation, from the design of the plinth, to the appropriateness of accompanying furniture pieces, key consideration is also given to wayfinding, exhibition sight lines, marketing collateral, and lighting design. Often purpose built three-dimensional objects are required to support and display art works and we work hand-in-hand with fabricators, makers, and artisan craftspeople to help realise the display systems and the curatorial vision. 

Skein realises and acknowledges the importance given to supporting retail design in the arts industry. Enhancing an organisation’s vision through retail store display elements is crucial for financial wellbeing. Skein have a range of experience delivery retail components for gallery spaces including permanent stores, pop-up shops, and mobile marketing displays.

While working closely with arts education teams we have come to realise the importance of education and informal learning techniques in the design of adjunct workshop areas and play spaces and have designed and integrated exhibition specific education spaces in various installation projects.  

Skein has worked extensively with a range of Cultural institutions and not for profit arts organisations to provide individual and unique exhibition spaces. Engaging with and learning from experts in a variety of arts related fields is critical in helping to shape all aspects of an exhibition and the administrative services that support them, from ticketing requirements through to archival best practice. The peak bodies and stakeholders we have had the pleasure of collaborating with on recent exhibition design includes; the Art Gallery of South Australia, Carriage Works (Sydney), the Adelaide Central School of Art, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Adelaide City Council, Artlab, AnanguKu Arts, Ernabella Arts Centre and the Australian War Memorial.